Have You Seen These Query Stats?

For those of you who have queried, are querying, or are considering querying agents, have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to grab an agent’s attention? Take a look at the stats recently released on the blog at BookEnds, a literary agency. (http://bookendsliterary.com/index.php/2016/09/16/query-statistics-2/) Maybe this will give you an idea as to why it’s so hard to hook an agent.

These are BookEnds query statistics for the month of July, broken down by agent.

Jessica Faust
Queries received: 250
Queries rejected: 227
Requests for more material: 23
Average query response time: 4 days
Offers for representation: 0

Jessica Alvarez
Queries received: 106
Queries rejected: 99
Requests for more material: 7
Average query response time: 2 days
Offer for representation: 1

Kim Lionetti
Queries received: 108
Queries rejected: 87
Requests for more material: 21
Average query response time: 3 days
Offer for representation: 1

Beth Campbell
**Queries received: 227
Queries rejected: 122
Requests for more material: 3
Average query response time: 17 days
Offers for representation: 0

Tracy Marchini
Queries received: 170
Queries rejected: 157
Requests for more material: 11
Average query response time: 12 days
Offers for representation: 0

Moe Ferrara
**Queries received: 380
Queries rejected: 144
Requests for more material: 13
Average query response time: 40 days
Offers for representation: 0

When looking over these statistics keep in mind that timing can change things dramatically. Vacations, client work, negotiations and general daily tasks can slow things down at any point. That being said, I think this is a fairly accurate snapshot of the monthly queries of an agent and how each of us responds.

**Note that at the time of writing not all queries were answered.

Quite a depressing bunch of numbers, right? Does that mean you should give up now? Of course not. But, this piece of information MIGHT help you better receive rejections because, if these stats are any indication, the same agent you query will reject MOST writers. Not just you.

This industry can feel make you feel alone and inadequate. Rest assured you’re not the only writer going through the querying trenches and it’s perfectly normal to feel the way you do. When you get a rejection, put it aside, query another agent or consider revising your submission material, but don’t give up. You and your possible writing career deserve your best effort before you decide to move on. So, push through the pain of rejection, thicken that skin, and query on.

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